Cymbalta Lawsuits

Cymbalta Withdrawal Side EffectsA Cymbalta lawsuit can help you if you have been injured by the anti-depressant Cymbalta, also known as Duloxetine, either through your withdrawal from the drug or through regular use. A lawsuit is a civil in action in which the plaintiff, or group of plaintiffs in a class action, allege injuries caused by a particular product and demand money damages to compensate the plaintiff for medical bills, lost wages or other financial hardships suffered as a result of the defective or dangerous product.

Cymbalta lawsuits began occurring with greater frequency when patients began to realize that they were experiencing outrageous side effects from the cessation of the drug. A drug manufacturer is required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to issue warnings if a drug poses a certain risk to the health or well-being of patients. Currently, Eli Lily (the maker of Cymbalta) has failed to adequately warn consumers about the dangers of discontinuing the use of Cymbalta – resulting in extreme physical and mental problems for users.

If you experienced mood swings, feelings of confusion or “brain zap,” lethargy, disrupted sleep patterns, loss of appetite, physical illness, aches and pains, anxiety, increased depression, suicidal thoughts or tendencies or any other unexpected and symptom as a result of your cessation of the drug Cymbalta, you may be eligible for a Cymbalta lawsuit. Only a Cymbalta lawyer can help you review you case and determine if you would make an appropriate candidate for this type of legal action.

A Cymbalta lawsuit may seem like a drastic measure – and it will take time to resolve. However, it is the only way to hold this drug maker liable for the damage its product is causing to innocent and unknowing patients. Patients who come to a doctor for help with depression, anxiety or fibromyalgia should not then later be exposed to these symptoms when it comes time stop using the drug. Also, the drug maker is responsible for ensuring that all consumers are aware of the risk of withdrawal symptoms after the patient no longer wishes to take the medication.

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